Thrive : Recordings
T  h  r  i  v  E
R e c o r d i n g S


[ SPCD-1013 ]

Six songs of atmospherics and Curve-esque guitars that surround the ethereal vocals of Madame Quattorze. "Revenge", the lead track, featured on television's "La Femme Nikita".

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[ SPEP-11235 ]

A continuation of Thrive's blend of Gothic and Industrial genres... "female spirits whispering in your ears, penetrating your senses, and a beat that will make your heart burst." (Slur Magazine)

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continuum compilation
Spider Records
[ SPCD-8888 ]

The Spider Records compilation with 2 tracks from Thrive: "Revenge (Post-Mortem Mix)" and "Deicide (H Mix)"

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diva x machina
"Diva X Machina"
COP International
[ CD027 ]

Compilation from the German label COP International containing the Thrive track "Revenge (Post-Mortem Mix)"

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[ NEK001 ]

Compilation from the Konsortium Productions label contains the Thrive track "Deicide (H Mix)"